Weigh Yourself: A Daily Weight Tracker

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    Weigh Yourself: A Daily Weight Tracker

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    An awesome tool to reach your dream weight !

    “What gets measured gets managed”. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, one of the best things you can do is to track your weight to see if you are meeting your health goals. Weigh Yourself is a daily weight tracker to help you do this, showing your recent and past weights using a simple interface.

    - useful for people trying to lose or gain weight.
    - record your weight daily, and keep track of weights over the fast few days, months, and years.
    - Weekly stats: shows you the last, high, and low weights in the last week.
    - Monthly stats: shows your monthly last, high, and low over the last 12 months.
    - Yearly statistics: shows your yearly last, high, and low over the past years.
    - Full version: graph mode available
    - Free version: Remove ads and unlock graph mode with in-app purchase

    How to Use:
    Main screen:
    - Shows you your most recent weight and how long ago it was recorded.
    - Shows you your highest and lowest weight in the last few days.
    - Switch between pounds (lbs.) and kilograms (kg)
    - You can enter today’s weight, or check statistics.

    Weight entry:
    - use the arrow buttons to enter your weight today.
    - press the checkmark to enter the weight
    - press the home button to return to the main screen, or to cancel the weight entry.

    - Your weight history at a glance!
    - Switch between table and graph mode
    - Switch between time periods (Recent ,Monthly, Yearly)

    This app contains advertisements.