DeveLoop has been created by experts in organizational learning and behavior science, combining their knowledge to create a unique blend of psychology, analytics, math and AI.

    Through the platform, Sproutlogix’s AI Superbot Cavis interacts with your employees and provides them with Prescribed Learning Journeys based on their development areas. Cavis is the intelligence layer behind our entire learning platform and acts as a coach, mentor and buddy to employees to guide them throughout their journey.

    We provide a customized employee development experience through the following modules -
    Baselining - This is done through assessments which are based on research and strong theoretical constructs. This identifies proficiency levels in specific cognitive and behavioral competencies to create a baseline for growth.

    Development - DeveLoop provides employees with learning journeys tailored to their development areas. Prescribed journeys with kinesthetic activities, audio-visual learning resources and 360-degree feedback allows employees to grow.

    Pulse Survey - These surveys capture employees’ mood and sentiments through a series of intuitive questions. In-depth analytics generated from these surveys provide key insights to make data-driven business decisions.

    Cavis also mentors and coaches your employees, and acts like a buddy to them, to support them on their journey of development. He chats with them to provide work-related coaching and guidance, understand how their journey is progressing, and measures how engaged they are.

    Use DeveLoop today to uplift your workforce and provide your organization with increased productivity, profitability and performance!