Ceerus – secure communications for everyone who takes security seriously.

    Whether you’re an individual who values their privacy, or an enterprise aiming for regulatory compliance, Ceerus is for you.

    - It’s secure. Voice, video calls and messages are encrypted in transit and on your device. Always.

    - Your enterprise is in control. Contact us to integrate Ceerus into your enterprise systems and host your own key servers to have full control of your data.

    - Easy deployment for your enterprise. Subscribe to our cloud service and get going today, or quickly customize and deploy the full platform using our APIs on any network and device.

    Ceerus uses Mikey-Sakke, promoted by the British Government as the next generation standard for secure communications. Our technology was developed through research with the UK Ministry of Defense and has been proven in some of the most challenging environments.

    Ceerus uses your phone's Internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi) to provide secure communications.

    Use Ceerus for FREE*:
    Send and receive free secure messages.
    Receive unlimited free voice and video calls.

    Sign up for a premium account to use all our secure communications features.

    *Data charges may apply. Contact your mobile service provider for details.