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    Job vacancies advertised on this application are for hotels that are managed, franchised or licensed by a member of the InterContinental Hotels Group (comprising InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (“IHG”) and its subsidiaries) (the “IHG Group”). Such hotels are owned and/or operated by third parties independent of the IHG Group. Accordingly, the employer in respect of any job advertised is the relevant hotel’s owning entity (or one of its associated entities as the case may be), not a member of the IHG Group. IHG and the members of the IHG Group do not accept liability for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages of whatsoever kind arising out of access to, or the use of, this application or any information contained in it.
    By using the application, users acknowledge and agree that neither IHG nor any member of the IHG Group will:
    (1) be the employer of any person in respect of any position advertised on this application; or
    (2) have any obligation, responsibility or liability to any person in respect of the recruitment for any position.

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