Best Moral Story Books for Kids




    This Application Helps Kids to learn some good lessons about good habits to follow in life. You can help your kids build their moral values by reading this moral stories in their formative years. These stories are written in simple English and improve their reading skills in a fun way. The app present a book story with moral massage for the children. Great stories for all kiddies out there.

    Kids are so nice by constitution that they love to hear stories from their dad or mom or from their grandpa or grandma and even from their teachers. Some of the stories go by the name of Aesop whose contribution is great and whose identity is shredded with mystery. Some stories are successfully set inside the great epics of India and Rome. Some are still alive in the folktales which people of different regions have managed to preserve naturally. The great stores of moral stories are the religious texts. Parables of the Bible and stories of the Bhagvadgita are wonderful and intriguing as they are very simple and simultaneously effective for ever.

    One more example is the story of the tortoise and the hare. Children always to support the cute little hare. The end of the story declaring that the tortoise has won makes them sad. Still the moral of the story is inserted in their growing mind in the most natural way. We do not find any reason to advise them to be slow and to be steady at the same time. They learn that they should be honest to their task and that they should stick to their task. In this story two known animals have been used who are examples of great contrast in respect of their movement. The story contains softness even in its twists and turns. Nothing happens under the sun as the tortoise moves slowly and as the hare takes some rest.

    Morality stories penetrate into the character of the kids. It is not important to order them 'do this' and 'do not do that' with a voice of an authority. They learn to obey the seniors and the importance of being industrious. We want to teach them 'loyalty' 'punctuality' and at times we get exhausted as the result is not achieved. Morality stories have the inherent strength to assist the children identifying what is right and what is wrong or what one should do and what one should not.

    Knowing how to teach kids about morals and get desirable results begins with you. Do you adhere to a set of moral values? How consistently do you act in accordance with those moral values? You will never teach kids about morals successfully if your personal behavior fails to agree with your teaching.

    To begin, then, sit before a mirror and objectively evaluate your own behavior. If you want to teach kids about honesty, determine how honest you are. If you want to teach kids about morals such as respect and integrity, check your own levels of those traits. Be ruthless.

    These are only some application books that are definitely worth adding into your library for your kids to enjoy. These books are also great as bedtime stories for kids looking for a different type of story outside of fairytales and other make-believe story. It's also great because it's not so in-your-face when it comes to the topic of moral. This privacy police for the app: