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    Beacon2Web is a simple beacon region and ranging application. It translates the detected information from a iBeacon and provides it to a given URL as a query string. This allows a large number of potential DIY applications to be built on top of iBeacon technology

    To use this app, simply add a beacon with the relevant information and provide the web service URL to call.

    There is also support to only detect for a beacon but NOT send the information to any URL.

    Take note that for the URL to be succesfully connected, it needs to return a valid JSON file.

    The information passed to the query string includes
    - beacon UUID
    - identifier
    - major number
    - minor number
    - proximity (Immediate, Near, Far, Entered, Exited)
    - deviceUUID (generated upon install for web service to filter if its a valid device)

    *Note that this app does not work well on an iPhone4S