This is the companion app for the SWAGTRON® Snowtide Helmet.
    This app works only with the SWAGTRON® Snowtide Helmet.
    This is the only app designed to work with the SWAGTRON® Snowtide Helmet.

    Never drop your phone in the snow again!

    The SWAGTRON® Snowtide Helmet is an intelligent, all-in-one solution offering safety, style, and advanced audio and communications. With the Snowtide Helmet, effortless hands-free communication is here for skiers and snowboarders.

    This companion app unlocks enhanced communication and safety features. Once downloaded, the app will let your Snowtide Helmet communicate with your smartphone over Bluetooth® and mobile data to do the following:

    Enable the push-to-talk (PTT) built in to your SWAGTRON® Snowtide helmet. Additional functionality includes one-click grouping for unlimited group chat. (Mobile data required for unlimited PTT range.)

    Automatically send an S.O.S. alert via text and email to your pre-determined emergency contact list, in case of impact. (Mobile data required.)

    Monitor and track your distance, vertical, speed, drop, altitude, slope angle and other real-time stats.

    Stay connected and protected with the SWAGTRON® Snowtide Helmet and companion app!

    Mobile data rates apply for advanced communication features.
    Continued and extended use of Bluetooth® can impact battery life.