Ships: Full Sail (fun adventure for little sailors)

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    Raise the anchor! Cast off! Let the adventure begin ... Full speed ahead!

    "Ships: Full Sail" - is an exciting water adventure for kids. Together with the heroes of the app they will navigate through large expanses of water: fix shipwrecks, drive water taxi, save drowning bugs, feed huge fish, and become a captain of a pirate ship and find the treasure!

    It contains a lot of mini games, colorful graphics, cheerful voices and heaps of fun!

    "Ships: Full Sail" - is:
    - An educational app for children aged 3+
    - The development of logic and spatial reasoning
    - Memory training, development of attention and fine motor skills
    - An opportunity to deal with difficult situations
    - An easy and intuitive interface

    In the app you’ll find 7 interesting ships:
    - Container ship
    - LNG carrier
    - Ferry
    - Tugboat
    - Sailing ship
    - Fireboat
    - Water taxi