Tic-Tac Mobile




    Tic-Tac Mobile is a cloud based application for project time tracking, budgeting, planning and invoicing.
    It has been online since 2002 and is now used by over 450 companies all over the world.

    This app will provide an easy way of entering time and expenses for you and your coworkers. It is fully integrated with the web application.

    This app is free to use but requires an account with Tic-Tac.
    From within the app you can apply for a free 30 day trial with no obligations.

    Already a Tic-Tac user, you will login with your id and password.

    Features of this app

    - Enter hours per project and activity in a daily och weekly view
    - See accumulated hours, flexitime balance, planned activites in the dashboard
    - Enter expenses, travel costs, mileage, reimbursements, sales
    - Connect with colleagues through tickets and the project diary
    - Download photos, link an expense to the photo of the receipt
    - Six languages to choose from

    Sign in to Tic-Tac Mobile from your web browser to access features like project budgeting and planning, reports and invoicing.