Aqdar Smart Care




    Using the internet with children and young people is a must in today’s technology infused world. Incorporating internet safety themes across the curriculum, and celebrating the benefits of new technologies, can enhance learning in so many ways. In this section you will find resources to help you use the internet safely and positively as a professional, and information to help safeguard your workplace and the young people you work with.

    Here we are organizing to build a hard core communication system in between teachers,parents along with the Ministry by making valid constraints on curricular and behavioral aspects and the results will communicate with parents and monitored by the ministry in all level to identify the loop holes in educational system where they are lagging.

    Evaluating system will go through the following.

    1. Instant communication with parents.

    2. Issuing behavioral cards to students.

    3. Assigning motivation points.

    4. Generating report in daily basis.

    5. Making attendance in each class in every sessions.

    The results will published for their child to corresponding parents and the effective communication bond in between teacher and parent make way to each child to their success although to a well organized civilization.