This app is a supporting mobile phone app for Honda's zhengpin parts driving recorder.
    This app must be used in conjunction with the HONDA DVR vehicle recorder.
    Control start/stop video, take photos, set parameters, view video playback, pictures, etc., detailed functions are as follows:
    1. Real-time monitoring: the image of the current vehicle recorder can be viewed in real time to control its video and take photos;
    2. Video playback: the video file in the device is displayed as a list, and video file can be played after clicking, and can be deleted or downloaded to the mobile phone;
    3. Local download: the photos will be displayed in the form of a list of files. After clicking, you can view the picture and delete the file to release the storage space of the phone.
    4, setup: adjustable of vehicle traveling data recorder parameters such as the white balance, exposure, HDMI output resolution, showing the current hardware and app version number, still can adjust the vehicle traveling data recorder hot associated Settings.