Applican allows you to prove your skills, HS&E tests and CITB qualifications to employers - for free.
    Applican is a simple to use app that allows you to upload and validate any CITB qualifications such as CSCS, CPCS, CIRSR cards for site compliance. You can then share your Applican profile with any UK Construction Contractor using Applican to demonstrate your skillset and apply for a job

    Applican features for Operatives:

    *Upload and Validate CITB Qualifications - For site entry and compliance

    *Site Strength Profile – To demonstrate your qualifications, safety awareness and experience on site to Contractors or future Contractors

    *Job Requests – You can send join requests to contractors on the Applican Platform

    *Sites – Information about the site you are working on and who is working with you on that site

    *Notifications – Notifications from the management team regarding the site you are working on e.g. Site Safety Notifications

    Applican proves you are capable of performing your job in a safe and effective manner making you a better choice of applicant for the job.

    Applican – A safer working environment for the UK Construction Industry.