TrafficCarma TravelSmart




    TravelSmart is the first personalized traffic app that uses accurate real-time data and tips from our commuter community to reduce travel time and driving stress. In just a few quick steps, your personalized “My Places” home screen is set up and ready to help you get wherever you go every day…faster. The new TravelSmart provides benefits like:
    * Easy to personalize “My Places” home screen – see the most relevant traffic info and
    best route options
    * One-touch access to traffic information to your “Places” no matter where you are
    * Real-time traffic information for up to the minute detail on the routes that matter most to
    * Commuter Community: Participate and benefit from the virtual commuting communities
    on the roads you drive. Share and receive tips about accidents, construction, road
    hazards and weather activity
    * Real-time audio traffic reports, customized to your daily routes 
    * Audio alerts as you drive with incident information relevant to your destination
    * “Save Last Drive” --create and save the exact route you drive and not simply rely on an
    automated path that misses the back-roads you know. 
    With TravelSmart, you can receive all of this information via the map and route segments or you can also listen to custom audio reports for your personalized routes to learn which roadway is
    This app does use the GPS in the background to continuously deliver the best traffic information to your phone, so please be aware that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. 
    TravelSmart utilizes the cutting edge technology of TrafficCarma ™, a real-time traffic data
    engine that generates the most up-to-the-minute traffic and routing information from one of the world’s leading sources of traffic data. 
    TravelSmart, powered by TrafficCarma. For What Lies Ahead.