Maths learning exercises




    "Additions for kids are the best math game app with which your children will amuse themselves as they practice additions and subtractions.
    This app will teach your children to recognize the numbers and the mathematical operations, it will help their concentration, their memory and also to resolve problems. It’s ideal for preschoolers and children in primary or elementary school. There are different levels of difficulty: additions with one, two or three digits. Furthermore, you can also make additions by sending the Tens to the Tens column. Thus first your child will add up the addends, check if there’s a ten left over and will be able to write the Ten above the Tens column in order to add all of them together up and finally write the result with his/her finger. They can also learn to add counting units (apples)
    It has a simple design, so they can choose between three different color pencils in order to change the color and thus correct or add up. If they make a mistake, they can correct the result clicking on the bin. Once the addition is done, they have to click on the result’s icon. The question mark gives the correct answer and the arrow icon gives a new addition.
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