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    Tule's Crop Water Use Monitoring service provides you with Actual ET data to inform your irrigation decisions. This technology, validated by UC Davis research, is the only commercially available technology for measuring actual evapotranspiration. One Tule sensor measures evapotranspiration over a 1 to 10 acre area, not just at one individual plant. The sensor remotely reports data back to the Tule app, providing actionable information for your irrigation decisions on a daily basis. Weekly reports include a forecast of the atmospheric demand for the upcoming week to aid in planning your irrigation schedules.

    Tule provides:

    • Automatic Monitoring - Tule ET sensors automatically measure evapotranspiration over your fields. The sensors measure ET and irrigation activity 24/7, enabling you to monitor your fields without visiting each block.

    • Water Application Recommendations - Tule provides the information you need to irrigate to your production goals. Using Actual ET, Tule calculates the water requirements for your fields based on your target thresholds.

    • Atmospheric Demand Forecast - Tule's atmospheric demand forecasts provide a glimpse into the week ahead. Reports for last week’s actual ET and irrigation activity and next week’s forecasted water demand are emailed to you every week.

    **Note: The Tule iPhone application requires Tule sensors and a Tule account for use. To order Tule sensors, please visit**