Beads Art Creator




    Love beads pixel art? Then our beads pixelmania game is perfect for you, be part of an epic adventure in the world of sandbox coloring pixel-art. Show your creativity while relaxing yourself with amazingly artwork in our new “Beads: Pixelmania Fun Time Pixel Art Color Palette”app.
    Bead Art, also commonly known as bead sprites or Perler art, is an art that combines traditional beadwork and pixel art to produce 2D or 3D images. Pixy beads art is a creative colorful bead play game which allows you to learn as you play. It enhances your mental skills. It helps to develop visual perception skills, hand eye coordination and to recognize colors difference and learn colors.
    How to play:
    • Firstly open the pegboard.
    • Select the image.
    • To create Bead Loom patterns, select create a Bead Loom pattern button.
    • The Bead Loom pattern will appear. Fill in the squares with beads color pattern by number.
    • Arrange colorful beads on the 20x20 pegboard.
    • Press the Iron icon and the beads will be melted together.
    • Save your artwork in gallery.

    • Excellent HD graphics.
    • Simple and interesting Gameplay.
    • Various themes for image selection.
    • Large range of beads options.
    • Wide range of color palette.
    • Various stamps and xstitch patterns.
    • Create lots of bead patterns, share with your family and friends.
    • Best fun time with family as you can play with your family.
    If you are looking for something truly unique and beautifully created then you don’t need to look further. Download now and create cool pixel bead patterns with this awesome app. Enjoy beads pixel art.