Learn English Grammar in Marathi




    Speak Marathi and English with ease, confidence and fluency in every situation.
    You will learn ten new habits, how to use them to improve your English every day -- and how to maintain your level once you become fluent.

    We all know that our mother tongue is Marathi. We have learned Words and phrases by listening to our relatives from childhood to till today and that how we develop our communication skill.
    A perfect app for Marathi speaking people to learn English quickly. The app will introduce you all the tenses in English.
    Al the English grammar is given in Marathi language and hence you can easily learn the language.Consider this app as a Marathi to English app that will increase your vocabulary skills.When we speak Marathi daily, we understand the intricacies of the language. Similar is the case with English.

    Grammar is the basis of language if you want to have mastery over English language.
    This app showcases a structured study course that discusses everything from fundamental grammar and semantics of English, to sentence building, simple methods to improve self - confidence while communicating and acquiring fluency.
    How, if you can learn the English language in the same way?
    By keeping this in mind, we develop this app for your help which is name as "Learn English" .
    Through this app you can very easily start to speak English.
    This app will help you realize how to learn better and act as a driving force for your success. Best feature is that you can select your favorite English tip, bookmark it or add it to favorite.
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