Aha Love Match




    Aha Love Match is a revolutionary dating program!
    It allows strangers who are using iPhone/iPad/iPod around the same range at the same time to know each other through Bluetooth.
    You can chat with each other through this APP and become friends!

    Aha Love Match automatically receives Bluetooth signal in the background, so you won’t have to start the program at every moment. When there come people using iPhone / iPad / iPod people simultaneously, the system will automatically notify you.

    Using this program, there’s no need to register any account. Any personal information you fill in will only be stored in your device, and it won’t be uploaded to the Internet.
    When a new friend pops up, the program will send your data to his/her device and vice versa, and give you choice between further knowing each other or not.

    It is strongly recommended that do not fill your real name in the nickname field. Please use an appropriate nickname that makes others feel free to call you.

    Fill in all required fields when first using this program. It is advised that you provide information about "what kinds of friends you want to know."
    The program will classify your friends into paired and not paired according to conditions you set.

    Paired: matching with your conditions and meeting at least two interests with you. We recommend you choose all the five of your interests and it can increase the chances of meeting new friends

    If you meet any new friend, remember to leave each other’s contact information. The program won’t save any data and they will automatically be deleted within 24 hours.