-As we believe in the need of being on fashion and style all the time without the necessity of having much money, or the need to check every store in the city to find the one piece of clothes you imagine and need to complete a cool outfit, we gathered all the stores in one place, just swipe up and down to see all the stores you regularly see in your area and more and be updated with new collections, prices and colores without leaving your bed and get what you want even cheaper ,with great dueals and gifts.

    What makes us different?, Well with us you can:

    -Browse from more than 50 different clothing brands.

    -Check every clothing brand in the city and be updated with new collections.

    -Get notifications about new collections & offers of your favorite brand so you don't miss any.

    -Add brands to your favorite stores list for easy access from your profile.

    -Rate brands.

    -Explore new outfits everyday in the explore page.

    -Use promocodes to get some great offers.

    -Get some money back and a lot of different gifts when shopping.

    -We make a lot of different offers to you which you can see in "setting"--> "Offers"

    -Compare prices between stores for the same item.

    -Describe the item you are looking for and let us figure out where exactly you can find it and how much does it cost.

    -Find your friends and follow them.

    -Ask your friends for their opinion before you order in the comments.

    -You can pay cash on door for more safety, credit cards will be available SOON.

    -Still not ordering from the app!!
    As well we offer google maps so you can find your favorite brand location easily.

    For any issues please inform us at our mail:
    or kindly send us a message on our facebook page: