Foodymonkey 3 is a completely innovated restaurant dish review platform along with a band new face, a lot more new features, enormous real review data based on our Foodymonkey 1.0, and we are the 1st Canadian dish review mobile application. Our goal is to bring Foodymonkey 3 to your day to day life to ensure a healthy food and healthy you.

    1. Who we are:
    - We are a single dish review and e-menu platform to share 3 millions reviews, half million foodies and 200 thousands real dishes to help foodies with unique experience.
    - We are a virtual dining society to connect all foodies and businesses together.
    - We are a group of your friends who care about your dining experience and health.
    - We are a business partner to help lower your costs, gain your profit and spread the word.

    2. Key features we are offering:
    - Enormous restaurant reviews over 100 thousands restaurants
    - An all-in-one integrated infrastructure and application with unlimited reviews and menu items, nutritional data, to help explore food way easier and faster.
    - Over 100 thousands restaurants to explore and monitor in Canada
    - More than 3 millions reviews for reference
    - 200 thousands dishes and 10 thousands restaurant e-menus ready to browse in Canada
    - Half a million customers to connect
    - Unique dish review over 200 thousands dishes.
    - Social chat among half million foodies.
    - Price alert service to notify foodies instantly
    - Map and nearby search restaurants and dishes never like before.
    - Daily/weekly performance reports to help restaurants control their profits.