Photo in Hole Pro, Fun Face

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    How can you engage your kids in the evening? What can you do on a trip to make sure your kids are not bored?

    Responsible parents are always well prepared. They would use favorite toys, books, puzzles or cartoons.
    But you never know what your kids would want to play tomorrow: another stick in the backyard, mom’s pots and pans or throwing a tantrum in a supermarket.

    Keep Inthelens handy.
    Inthelens offers fun photos in hole templates.

    Make your evenings fun and spend them with your kids by creatings fun pictures – all you need to do is insert faces in special photo templates. Turn into cool bikers, the Queen of England or an Indian dancer.

    Inthelens will fill your house with laughter and excitement: "Mom, look, I'm a Superman!))))" – It’s priceless. The app offers more than 100 photo templates.

    These photos will become your keepsakes as fun memories of joyous time spent with your kids.

    The price of the app (which took us 6 months to develop) is the price of a small cup of coffee.

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