Wonder what is happening at your cottage?
    1. Has a tree hit the cottage after a storm?
    2. Does roof need to be cleaned off because of too much snow?
    3. Wonder what the weathers like?
    4. Has someone broke into the cottage?
    5. ….
    Want to keep eye on the place anywhere in the world over smartphone, But
    1. No internet at the cottage now, considering mobile internet
    2. Low internet upload bandwidth
    3. Internet data usage costs too much
    Cottage watch camera solves these problems!
    it is a new category of network camera with functions :
    1. Take pictures at specified time interval
    2. Capture images, send alert, and push notification when any motion is detected.
    3. Call camera and get the real time pictures right away
    By these, the images can be sent with low bandwidth internet, with much less
    data usage. Even mobile internet can be used!
    All the pictures are sent from camera to our cloud server once taken, which are stored up
    to 7 days. Even if someone can break the camera, but the images will remain in
    the cloud!