Pocoyo Playset - 2D Shapes

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    Pocoyo Playset 2D Shapes is a fun and engaging educational application that helps kids learn about geometric shapes through playing with the variety of games and activities included.

    The highly interactive games and activities, help children learn to name, explore, identify, describe, analyze, compare, sort and construct common 2D shapes. They will also learn to identify properties of the shapes, such as the number of sides and corners, and whether the shape has straight and/or curved lines. By building this understanding of abstract concepts, you will be preparing your children for success in school.

    With Pocoyo Playset 2D Shapes children will:

    • Name, identify, describe and analyze 2-D geometric shapes by theirproperties (e.g. number of sides, length, angles, etc.).
    • Sort, classify and compare 2-D shapes by attributes (size, shape, color,etc.).
    • Construct 2D figures in multiple ways.
    • Learn and use thematic vocabulary.
    • Build fluency in oral English.

    Enjoy watching your children learn and have fun!

    Co-created in partnership with Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc.