"Community Vibes Radio" is a community radio based in Kuilsriver. Although our studio is in Kuilsriver, it is not restricted to any area or community in the Western Cape or South Africa. Any individual or group with home grown talent will be accommodated by Community Vibes Radio. You have the talent we have the space and airwaves to let the world see and hear you.

    The radio started a four months ago by Randall Titus , Grant Twigg, Brenda Hansen . These individuals have a passion for talent, communities and a general positive attitude amongst them. We do this entirely to grow people and showcase Cape Town's hidden talent. We are proud to say that we are ready to take on the world. The aim of the radio station is to create a platform for people with talent in all communities in and around Cape Town.

    The radio aims to take youth off the streets and give them something positive to focus on i.e. how to make their talent work for them, instead of getting involved in illegal activities.