EasyHTML makes it possible to create and edit any kind of webpages: websites, HTML5 games, Web utilities, etc.

    In the current version, 4 programming languages are supported: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and SCSS. You can also create and edit SVG vector images. The editor supports many text encodings.

    To simplify the layout process, the programme includes convenient tools for the selection and visualisation of colour attributes: colours, transparency and linear and radial gradients.

    Three forms of color encoding are supported: RGB, RGBA and HEX.
    Text search, text replace, "undo" and "redo" functions are supported.

    The programme has three colour themes, convenient under different lighting conditions.
    At night, depending on the settings, the "dark" colour theme is automatically recommended by the programme.

    It is possible to import images from the camera roll, download and import the most popular JavaScript and CSS libraries; file moving, duplication, renaming, archiving, extracting and exporting functions are now available.

    Debugging scripts is now easier thanks to the new built-in JavaScript Console.

    In addition, you can open video and audio files, documents (pdf, word, doc, rtf and more), and also edit files in the syntax highlighting mode for the following languages:

    - XML;
    - C;
    - C++;
    - C#;
    - Objective-C;
    - Scala;
    - Java;
    - Python;
    - Markdown;
    - Lua;
    - Swift;
    - PHP;
    - JSON;
    - F#;
    - Fortran;
    - OCaml;

    EasyHTML does not require the permanent connection to the internet.