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    Formula solver and eloquent teacher

    • Solve main Maths, Physics and Chemistry equations
    • Brief explanations on how to apply formulae
    • Video lecturers (demo)
    • User-friendly and smooth UI
    • Still need to add more features to become an educational platform
    • More study fields should be added

    "Solve and learn... in a jiffy"

    Behzad Soltani's Equate Formula Solver can be either your cribsheet or your teacher. Or actually both of them. Either if you are a professional scientist, a student or a curious mind, you may find here a life-saving source of knowledge.

    Equate Formula Solver features dozens of Maths, Physics and Chemistry main formulae. You can fill the variables you are given in those forms and apply the formula with a single tap. Get accurate results, compare them to yours. Learn how it made it.

    In fact, setting aside the formula solver feature - which is meaningful per se and works like a charm - one of the strongest points of the app is its educational approach. Of course, you can solve equations and use the app as a cheat sheet. However, as you do it, you'll be learning without even realizing: there are brief explanations on how the formula applies so you can get the grip on it.

    There's more. Although there are just three demos so far, Equate Formula Solver is adding video lecturers to explain basic concepts as Khan Academy and others already do. Thus, Equate is on the way to become a comprehensive educational platforms.

    Equate is set in a simple yet neat and smooth interface. There's no way you can get lost. Original, well-designed and educational. Highly recommended.

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    May 03, 2014


    The perfect reference tool for any student (Teachers are welcome too!). Equate is being used by over 100,000 students and teachers worldwide. Solve, learn and inspire are just some of the ways that Equate can help you explore the wonderful world of formulas.

    We have formulas for all ages! (10-21)

    Featured on!

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    Equate is a formula solver developed by nerds who appreciate the wonderful world of Math, Physics and Chemistry! Conquer formulas with ease using our state of the art formula solvers! Equate is the most extensive formula solver in the App Store with aesthetically pleasing features. Equate is the ONLY all in one (Math,Physics,Chemistry) formula calculator you will ever need....

    Study with Equate to dominate!

    - Built-in unit converters
    - MathJax enabled, allowing for user input displays.
    - Unique practice problems with answers to help you study for tests!
    - Unique "learn it" section to further your learning!
    - Formula manipulation to help you check your homework!
    - Equation search function to find your desired formula.
    - Wiki linked for an enhanced reference guide.
    - Science quotes to keep the brain juices flowing!
    - Favorite your formula of choice for easy access.
    - Nerd Out! section that displays all the formulas.
    - Share your new found knowledge with friends and students (SMS/Twitter/Facebook)
    - Take advantage of more than 200 formulas.
    - New formulas added every week!
    - Universal App (iPhone, iPad)
    - Student interaction (email us to be featured in the app!)
    - Nerdy instructional videos!

    Equate can be used by students, teachers and tutors. Here are some of the scientific goodness that Equate provides! Used by students and teachers worldwide!

    Physics | Einstein to Newton...we got you covered
    - Average Acceleration
    - Average Speed
    - Average Velocity
    - Centripetal Acceleration and Force
    - Energy
    - Friction
    - Hooke’s Law
    - Impulse
    - Kinematic Equation 1
    - Kinematic Equation 2
    - Kinematic Equation 3
    - Kinematic Equation 4
    - Kinetic Energy
    - Momentum
    - Newton’s Second Law
    - Potential Energy
    - Power
    - Pressure
    - Projectile Motion and Magnitude
    - Work
    and MANY MORE!

    Chemistry | My name is Bond, IONIC BOND!
    - Boyle’s Law
    - Charles’s Law
    - Ideal Gas Law
    - Ohm’s Law
    and MANY MORE!

    Math | Imaginary numbers are like imaginary friends!
    - Circle Area
    - Circle Perimeter
    - Cube Surface Area
    - Cube Volume
    - Law of Sines
    - Law of Cosine
    - Parallelogram Area
    - Pythagorean Theorem
    - Rectangle Perimeter
    - Quadratic Formula
    - Sphere Surface Area
    - Square Area
    - Triangle Area
    - Triangle Perimeter
    - Statistical Variance
    and MANY MORE!

    Join the formula revolution and give the power back to the students! If there is a formula you'd like to see, please let us know and we'll nerd it up and have it available. Do you see a bug? contact us and help us ensure accuracy! We are here to serve and support students and teachers.

    Upcoming update will include 100 new formulas and 20 more fun educational videos!

    Send us an email with suggestions and neat ideas and we will feature you on the app!

    Connect with us and watch our videos! | Beyond Formulas
    Email |
    Facebook |
    Twitter | @equateapp

    Laugh with us!
    "What did one quantum physicist say when he wanted to fight another quantum physicist? Let me ATOM!"

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