Street Go!




    Welcome to the most practical theory lesson in the world!

    Be one of the first people to experience virtual reality in your driving school!

    With Street Go! you don't have to imagine the different traffic situations anymore. With the VR glasses in your driving school you can now beam yourself directly to the locations and look at real traffic situations and practice with your driving school teacher.

    With this new experience, you will learn information easily and intuitively and above all you will be better prepared for the exam!

    This is how it works:
    1. Check on our website if your driving school is already on Street Go! used.
    2. Download the Street Go! App.
    3. Use your smartphone with the VR glasses in the next theory lesson in your driving school.

    Enter the virtual world and learn in a new interactive form!

    The app can only be used in conjunction with a theory lesson of your driving instructor in your driving school. "