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    A hearing aid application that works smoothly and is incredibly helpful

    • Excellent idea
    • Easy to use
    • Does what it says and perfectly well

    "Everything Is Loud And Clear"


    Fennex is a helpful and innovative hearing aid app that is designed to help people improve their hearing whenever they feel they might need it. The app lets you take a test in order to establish your abilities or you can simply start using it if you already know you might find it useful in certain situations.

    How does it work? The results with Fennex are experienced immediately. It can be scary, even. Suddenly, you can listen to everything clearly and you won't miss a thing. The app lets you customize the experience by balancing left and right, selecting compression, hi frequency presence, low frequency limit and changing equalizer values.


    The app is incredibly useful and works really well, it can really make a difference. Plus, the design is accessible and minimalist, making it intuitive enough so you know how to use Fennex in a couple of minutes. The fact that the app doesn't only amplify the sound but also lets you personalize the settings, makes it even better, given that not everyone will have the same hearing issues.


    We've taken similar tests via other application and they felt more reliable and there was a long pause during the test, which we found rather confusing. However, the hearing aid functionality is simply amazing and we can't recommend this app enough.

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    Sep 22, 2017


    Fennex™ is a hearing aid app that provides augmented hearing by turning your Apple headphones (EarPods or AirPods) into a personal hearing amplifier.

    | Key Features |
    * Volume Boost: Amplify the sound around you
    * Noise Reduction: Reduce annoying background noise
    * Compression: Apply sound compression to amplify or limit sounds
    * Sound Presence: Keep or remove high/low-pitched sounds
    * Equalizer: Adapt treble, mid & bass sounds to your hearing preferences
    * Conversation Focus: Select among different microphones
    * Balance: Regulate the volume of the left and right speaker

    | Select microphones |
    Fennex captures sound from 4 different input microphones:
    * iPhone Bottom
    * iPhone / iPad Front
    * Earphones Built-In
    * AirPods

    | Tip |
    Fennex allows you to use other apps at the same time. When you leave Fennex open in the background, the external sound is still augmented while you use music or video apps.

    | Consumer review |
    "I just got this app yesterday, and it is WONDERFUL! It allows me to keep the TV’s sound at a normal level for my family while still allowing me to hear every word. I no longer miss half the show, and my family isn’t deafened by a TV that’s too loud. Thank you!" – Michelle L.

    "Thank you very much! Your app has truly helped change the quality of my life for the better. Last time I bought hearing aids I spent $5000 dollars and here a few years later they are no longer working but your app has given me the opportunity to hear without having to spend a fortune and I am very grateful" – Casey H.

    "This app works well and provides a very good amplified sound, with lots of adjustments. It is way better than any of the other free apps and two purchased apps that I have used to help with hearing" – R.S.

    "Works with AirPods-yeah! Finally, someone figured out how to do it" – Jeff

    | Media review |
    “Fennex Augmented Hearing app is the one-stop-shop for all your listening and hearing needs” – iPhoneGlance

    “First hearing app that works with Apple AirPods to provide a personal hearing amplifier” – Startupticker

    “Fennex is for people that occasionally struggle in noisy situations and aren’t ready to invest in expensive hearing aids” – The Hearing Review

    “If you’re having trouble hearing in a class, you could place your phone near the lectern while you’re sitting a few rows back and listening in on a pair of AirPods” – Business Insider

    | Beta User Program |
    Sign up to become a “Beta Fox” on our website. This group lends us a hand and tests new features in private beta before they’re publicly released.

    | More on Fennex |
    Write to us for ideas, stories and requests at or visit:

    | Compatibility |
    We recommend using Fennex with official Apple headphones. Compatible with wireless headphones Apple AirPods.

    | Disclaimer |
    The Fennex app does not constitute a medical service or product of any kind and is solely considered sound adjustment. The usage of Fennex does not replace a traditional doctor’s appointment or the purchase of a hearing device such as hearing aids.

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