Handbook Of Physics




    Physics MCQs Handbook

    The subjects covered in the book include:

    Current Electricity
    Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
    Steam Nozzles and Turbines
    Compressors, Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines
    Theory of Machines
    Applied Mechanics
    SI Units
    Quantities and Units
    Strength of Materials
    Hydraulic Machines

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    Physics Formulas

    The app lists all the important Physics formulas. Its very useful for student to save valuable time.

    This App contains following formulas :
    Doppler Effect Formula
    Force Formula
    Total Work Done
    Power with Work
    Power with Displacement
    Power with Velocity
    Kinetic Energy
    Potential Energy
    Centripetal (Centrifugal) Acceleration
    Concave Mirror Magnification
    Centripetal (Centrifugal) Force
    Circular Velocity
    Average Velocity
    Displacement or Distance
    Kinetic Friction
    Static Friction
    Newton's Law of Gravitation
    Kepler's Third Law
    Acceleration due to Gravity
    Escape Velocity
    Hooke's Law
    Elastic Potential Energy
    Newton's Second Law of Motion
    Impulse with Velocity
    Impulse with Time
    Momentum with Velocity
    Momentum with Time
    Moment Force, Lever Arm Length
    Simple Pendulum
    Physical Pendulum
    Einstein Mass Energy
    Youngs Modulus
    Ups Power Requirement
    Doppler Effect
    Wood Density
    Differential Pressure Measurement
    Sound Pressure Level
    Sound Intensity Level
    Sound Power Emitted
    Sound Wavelength
    Free Fall
    Noise Pollution Level
    Battery Storage Rating
    Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion
    Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion
    True Porosity
    Souders Brown Equation
    Concave Mirror Equation
    Constant Q Transform
    Horsepower (HP)
    Moment of Inertia
    Transverse Strength of a Material
    Standard Surface Factor
    Rectangular Tank Capacity
    Torsional Pendulum
    Apparent Porosity
    Kinematic Viscosity
    Speed of Sound
    Cylindrical Tank Capacity
    Radar Range
    Lensmaker's Equation
    Podmore Factor
    Leaf Spring Rate
    Critical Frequency
    Brinell Hardness Number (BHN)
    Voltage Divider Rule
    Electrodialysis (ED)
    Amount of Substance
    Angular Acceleration
    Battery Charging Time
    Kva (Kilovolt-amps)
    Newton's Law of Cooling
    Infusion with Calibrated Tubing
    RMS Noise Voltage
    Milling Speed, Feed Rate
    Mass Flow Rate
    Drift Velocity
    Gsm of Paper
    Helical Spring Rate
    D Exponent
    Gravitational Potential Energy
    Damped Harmonic Oscillation
    Forced Harmonic Oscillation
    Quantum Harmonic Oscillator
    Acoustic Suspension Enclosure
    Sound Decibel Distance
    Offset Frequency Speed Error
    Radar Doppler Frequency Shift
    Motor Top Speed RPM
    Speedometer Calibration
    Vehicles Angle, Angular Rate
    One Dimensional Motion with Constant Acceleration
    Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL) / Loop Rule
    Wien's Displacement Law
    HP (Horsepower) to Amps Conversion
    Graham's Law of Effusion
    Snell's Law Refraction
    Vehicle Speed Error
    Root Mean Square Velocity Calculator
    One Dimensional Motion Velocity
    Acceleration Due to Gravity on Outside Earth
    Boltzmann Gas Constant
    De Broglie Wavelength
    Average Translational Kinetic Energy
    Energy of Photon
    Nature of Light
    Tidal Force
    Angular Linear Velocity
    Planck's Constant
    Vector Displacement
    Average Acceleration