1.In harmonica application user can login with their share credentials.

    2.In this application there are various fields present such as Medical Training, Video Library, Promotogram, Reference Library, Quiz, Harmonica Times, Query, My Profile etc.

    3.Medical training - H.O will share training related videos

    4.Video Library - informative videos are shared for users

    5.Promotogram - List of input name will be seen by clicking on input name their respective pdf will get open

    6.Reference Library - there are 8 brand names, by clicking on any brand image respective informative pdf will be seen

    7.Quiz - Every day one quiz will be allotted to user to attempt

    8.Harmonica Times - Latest Informative Pdf will be seen to user

    9.Query - For any query user can write their comments and submit to their respective product manager

    10.My Profile - User can edit and change their mobile number, Password and profile photo

    11.In Notification tab whenever any new data or information gets added to any of the field in this application it will show in this tab.

    12.By clicking on logout button user will get log out and will land on login screen