CityU LibCompass




    The CityU Run Run Shaw Library’s LibCompass helps you to navigate the Library at your fingertips. Using cutting-edge beacon-based technology, LibCompass not only guides you to the locations you want, it can also provide location-based information as well as push notifications on Library events, news and more.
    Here are the key features of LibCompass:
    - Detect your location in the Library
    - Allow you to search & browse of different locations of the Library, e.g. book location, counters, facilities, rooms, etc.
    - Show the routes and approximate distance to the destination
    - Provides additional information and hyperlinks of the locations found
    - Integrate with the
    - Provides clickable map of the Library with key place-marks
    - Tell the nearest restrooms
    and more….
    Find. Learn. Grow. LibCompass helps you to make better use of the physical resources, facilities and services of the Library, in addition to its extensive digital resources.
    Download the app and enjoy using the Library. For more information, please refer to: