Password Organizer Pro - Secure Passwords and Pics

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    Keep your passwords and cards safe and organized.

    Keep all your passwords and cards safe with Passcode and Touch ID, store pictures of ID cards, store cards, credit cards and all kinds of cards. Search for easy access to all secure information in one place.

    ▶ All data stored in App is encrypted with strong in-built device encryption.

    ▶ Create password accounts in a few steps with intuitive interface.

    ▶ Password generator to assist you in making strong passwords.

    ▶ Extensive Search functionality for easy access to password(s).

    ▶ Instead of typing in lots of card information, just take a picture of card and save it in the App.

    ▶ View card picture with zoom features.

    ▶ Add notes to accounts for more important information.

    ▶ Security lockout mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to your passwords.

    ▶ Break-In attempt report with photo, date and time.

    ▶ Login access report with photo, date and time.

    ▶ Everyone forgets one time or the other, 16-Digit unique security reset key to have your PIN reset with safe instructions on how to do it.

    ▶ Sync data with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using export and import from iCloud.

    ▶ Data sync with iCloud uses a minimum of 128-bit AES encryption—the same level of security employed by major financial institutions.

    **Data is only stored in the device - with option to sync with iCloud.

    Thank you for choosing Password Organizer. Your one-stop App for important information.