The Areo mobile app combines access to all your building data with a place to get your work done.

    Easily share access to documentation and tasks across the whole team and across the lifecycle.
    Know what to do, where, when and how, for yourself and for your whole team.

    Get things done and stay organized. Build custom apps to capture information from the field

    Owners, operators, technicians, janitors, occupiers, contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers- Areo can be used by anyone that needs to access or share building data

    Handle problems and requests quickly and build a history of your assets. Combine ad hoc tasks with predictive and preventive maintenance.

    The Areo repository combines models, documents, drawings, floor plans and process data about all you built environment assets.

    Assign responsibilities, priorities, due dates and classify according to international and national standards.

    In the Areo app, you can run, manage and control any process connected to your built environment assets. You can use or modify Areo form and workflow templates or you can build your own processes from scratch and connect your work to the smart building data repository. Processes supported by Areo include:
    • Asset management
    • Maintenance management
    • Handover management
    • Commissioning
    • Building inspections
    • Condition assessment
    • Work order management
    • Service requests
    • Issue resolution
    • RFI - Request for Information
    • Snagging and punch lists
    • Vendor collaboration
    • Operations and maintenance archive
    • Asset Information Model
    • Contact directories

    Areo features include:
    • Lifecycle BIM server
    • BIM viewer
    • Document and drawing management
    • Plan and drawing viewer
    • Mobile maps
    • Custom Form and workflow management
    • Free text indexing
    • Photo and video capture
    • Barcode and QR code scanning
    • Annotation
    • Connect issues to assets, locations and systems in 2D and 3D

    Support for open standards, including:
    • IFC
    • COBie
    • DXF

    The app is free but it requires a valid Areo account.