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    Mimi gives you the power to hear your music the way you are meant to. Mimi creates a hearing profile using our test technology (based on the #1 Hearing Test in the App Store) and plays back your music adjusted for your ears.

    -- Assess your hearing by taking a 3 minute test or sync your results from the Mimi Hearing Test app
    -- Listen to your music (from Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes) with more clarity and detail
    -- Mimi adapts sound to your individual hearing capability, allowing you to rediscover your love for music
    -- Turn the volume down and enjoy healthy listening

    | What does Mimi do to your music? |
    Based on our data-driven research we have developed a unique processing technology that fundamentally changes the way you listen to music. Mimi Music is biologically-inspired and process sound similar to the way a healthy cochlear does.

    | What does Mimi do for you? |
    With Mimi your music sounds better and is also kinder to your ears. Why? You will be able to turn down the volume while listening with Mimi. We add details to your music and therefore perceived loudness without being destructive to your ears. Enjoy your music at a safe listening level.

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    | Disclaimer |
    This app is not intended to self-diagnose, -prevent, -monitor, -treat, -alleviate or to exclusively compensate any disease, injury, disability or handicap. If you think you have hearing problems, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified healthcare professional before using this App. However, you are welcome to use this app, in order to prepare or to support your visit to a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Use this App at your own risk. The creators don't take any responsibility for direct or indirect damage that could result from its use. This app is a medical device according to Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe. The app has not been certified as a medical device by the FDA (USA).

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