Jaime Story - Happy Birthday

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    Jaime Story - Happy Birthday

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    Accompanying and spending time with your kids is not only important to their development, but also the relationship belongs ONLY to you and them. Playing educational games with kids is a efficient way to enhance you two’s relationship due to interaction.
    This app may be your tool to show your love and care to them and develop their creativity, imagination and speaking/story telling through painting, writing and record the story at the same time.

    This app is an ELECTRONIC STORY BOOK, about the birthday of Jaime with her family, which is suitable for ALL AGES. If you have completed this story, you can download another story “Jaime Story painting book - A Happy Day” which is about Jaime’s daily life.

    If your kids are toddlers or preschoolers, let them PAINT COLORS over the pictures. Then, you can be the one to WRITE STORY at your own mother language (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French) and RECORD THE STORY according to the scenes.

    For kids at other ages, parents can guide your kids to create the story and record specific background sounds (e.g. inside restaurant, in the park, in a toy store) together. This makes the story belongs to you two and more special.

    This fruit will be meaningful and invaluable to your kids because it’s an unique story completed by cooperation.

    Whether your kids grow happily and healthily depends on how much time you spend with them.
    To busy parents: It’s possible to develop and discover your kids’ potentials with these kinds of little games!

    - suitable for ALL AGES for FREE
    - write your own story and record story at your own mother language
- good for creativity, imagination & speaking development
- unique and cute sketches