Favor -The newstyle of travel




    Favor is an app which matches you with the local people of your place of destinaton.
    With a concept "there're people you can rely on anywhere, anytime", we provide you a service which can set up a meeting with the local people of place of destinaton around the world.

    With this app, anyone can be a guide at their home area and be a guest at place where you're visiting.

    For guest:
    Download Favor and start an adventure.

    With Favor, you can meet up with the local people easily, experience places, good restaurant, enjoyable spots and relaxation that only local knows.
    If you use this app, these are things you can do as a guest.
    - Matching real-time with the guide nearby who fits your expectations.
    - You can make a reservation for the trip in advance.
    - If you're in trouble, you can get supports from local people.
    - No worries about your appointment because you can set up one by chatting and contacting with the host.

    For host:
    Use Favor as a way to revitalize your home town.
    - Attend as a host and welcome intimate friends with excitement.
    - Increase fans for your home town.
    - Here coming the era that using not only TV and guidebook but also app to invite guests to your city.