At the moment, of course you can choose what you watch in the theatre.
    Today,"of course"you can choose it on our online theatregoing.

    The FRONT ROW THEATERGOING MODE mode is now on in TheaterLive4u!

    ■ Theatergoing application appearance to be able to choose a place to watch by yourself!
    TheaterLive4uVR used new technology and succeed to be able to follow and zoom in your favorite actor in any scene you like by new style of theatergoing online online, “FRONT ROW THEATERGOING MODE”.

    ■ 2 free viewpoint modes
    The button which can switch 2 free viewpoint modes is on the play screen. Both mode correspond a vertical screen.
    You can change the “FRONT ROW THEATERGOING MODE depending on your situation and mood.
    Viewpoint following mode:if you move the direction of your smartphone, the the view of the video will change as you move.
    Manual following mode: if you slide the screen by your finger, you can change the viewpoint of the video. Therefore, you will use the FRONT ROW THEATERGOING MODE in a train.
    ■we recommend to the person such as…
    ・The person who wants tofollow and watch a favorite actor all the time.
    ・The person who wants to watch the whole stage without being influenced by the camera work.
    ・The person who wants to enjoy the point that was not showed in the edited video.

    ■As for all works 1 work 500 yen (tax-included)!
    You can purchase a stage video as single item and can be enjoyed.
    500 yen per 1 work is enable to watch for 7-days from the purchase.
    ※If there is it during a period, you can watch it any times you like.
    ※The payment method is In-App Purchase.
    ※A fee structure and watching method are different from flat-rate service "TheaterLive4u".

    ◇About registration
    A sign-in (free) is necessary in TheaterLive4uVR.

    ◇About request of the rate
    The rate that purchased a work is demanded from iTunes account.

    ◇About the cancellation of the purchase work
    We do not accept the cancellation or the repayment of the work after a purchase procedure was completed.

    ◇Terms of Use, privacy policy
    Please confirm the privacy policy and Terms of Use from the following URL before a purchase of the work.

    ・Privacy Policy


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