Aizuwakamatsu App




    Great deals on the regular admission tickets of 1,460 yen are for 1,000 yen and discount coupons are available now.
    Let’s enjoy affordable sightseeing with the [Aizuwakamatsu Sightseeing app]!

    This sightseeing app offers great deals as well as providing a handy guide to Aizuwakamatsu city tourist facilities and its surroundings.

    ・Set of admission tickets for all three facilities and one day town tour bus pass sales have started.

    【Features of the App】
    Point 1
    This app offers discounted tour tickets!
    The regular admission ticket price for visiting 3 major tourist facilities in Aizuwakamatsu (Tsurugajo Castle, Aizu Bukeyashiki and Noguchi Hideyo Seishunkan) is 1,460 yen, but it’s now available for 1000 yen.
    Also discounted admission tickets for 3 new facilities (Byakkotai Memorial Hall, Aizu Sazae-do, Oyakuen Garden) in Aizuwakamatsu can be purchased.

    Point 2
    You can buy e-tickets anytime, anywhere!

    E-tickets can be easily purchased from the app. You can purchase the ticket while you’re standing by or on the move, without having to wait in line at a ticket counter.

    Also, since the electronic ticket is displayed on the app, you don’t need to hand over any paper tickets. Since your smartphone “becomes” your ticket, there’s no need to worry about misplacing paper tickets.

    Point 3
    You can buy multiple tickets at once with one basic operation.

    You can buy e-tickets for everyone all at the same time. *1 One person can prepare e-tickets for everyone in the group.

    Point 4
    Ticketless smooth admission!

    Just show your e-tickets on your smartphone at the entrance of each facility.
    By simply showing your smartphone at the entrance to any facility, you will be able to smoothly enter the venue.

    Point 5
    Providing a fun Stamp collection service!

    We’re putting together a Stamp service for your e-tickets!
    Since the stamps are stored when you enter each facility, you’ll get a gift when you complete the tour of all three facilities without having to worry about forgetting your Stamps.

    Point 6
    We’re also improving services other than e-tickets.
    This app also includes 'MarutokuAizu' coupons that can be used at 35 facilities in the Aizu area.
    In addition to admission to the facilities, you also can enjoy traditional experiences as well as buy souvenirs at a reasonable price.

    *1 Please note that there are restrictions on the number of purchases.

    【For tourists who need help using the app】
    Please take a look at the FQA we put together about the app.

    • Electronic tickets cannot be transferred or resold to third parties.
    •Electronic tickets saved on the app will disappear when you delete the app.
    If you change your smartphone etc., please perform the [Transfer Account] operation.