Smart Pianist




    Everyone can enjoy the piano more by Smart Pianist.
    The Smart Pianist is a special app providing various music-related functions when connected with compatible instruments.

    1. Easy Voice selection and Easy settings
    In addition to selecting piano voices, you can use Smart Pianist to adjust parameters such as reverberation and other factors that affect the sound of the piano.

    2. Backing band accompaniment that you can sing along with (CSP Series only)
    Enjoy accompaniment from a dynamic backing band, even when you’re playing by yourself.

    3. A variety of piano lesson pieces
    You can play back song data such as Preset songs and commercially available songs.

    4. Play your favorite songs right away with the “Audio To Score” function (CSP Series only)
    Smart Pianist features an "Audio To Score" function that automatically creates a piano accompaniment score from songs on your smart device, allowing you to enjoy playing along with your favorite tunes.

    5. Play your favorite songs right away with chord progression

    *If you are using iPad pro 12.9 inch 3rd generation or iPad pro 11 inch, please use Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or Apple USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter.