JWIN - Just What I Need




    "JWIN - Just What I Need" provides the information that you need now immediately. It completely cooperates with Apple Watch and can confirm the information by the smallest operation.
    JWIN is comprised of various types of cards. Various information is displayed on a card.
    "The calendar card" displays the present date by various languages. It will be helpful at the time of trip or business. As a type of calendar, You can choose Gregorian calender, Japanese calendar, and Thai Buddhist calendar.
    "The contact card" displays an address and a phone number. From the contact application of the iPhone, you can pull out only necessary information.
    "The photograph card" registers a favorite photograph and displays it.
    "The Web clip card" displays the clip of the Web page. It will be the only way to look at the Web page on Apple Watch.
    All functions are available free. You can increase the number of cards when you purchase full version (the maximum of the total cards is 16).