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    Let's "stick it" the message!
    Express your feelings with fun and usable 101 stamps!!

    "Sticker" is decoration tool for message balloons and images
    exchanged through SMS.
    Drag and drop it like stamps but if you put it on to message balloons...
    it give little surprise and fun experiences!

    "Oh, there's mistakes on the message..."
    Use the mosaic sticker or "Beep" sticker to hide it!

    "I want get more attentions to my comment!"
    Why don't you use the comic bubble to get everyone's attention?

    You can also edit the message to burned,
    place a cat to look like peeking from message balloon,
    put firecracker next to birthday messages,
    add mustache to your friend's pictures,
    put Japanese floor cushions next to humor messages and more...

    Let's have playful exchanges with "Sticker"!