Kaleidoscope geometric Art - physical simulation

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    Kaleidoscope geometric Art is an app which simulates a kaleidoscope, that is, it simulates collision and rebound and influence by the gravity of the small objects in the case with mirrors.

    This app has many functions and many parameters to control properties of the small objects and setting. So, various artistic expression is possible.

    For example, you can create abstract art with geometric pattern by choosing the mirror frame shape, or by controlling the size, shape, color and angle of the objects.

    You can also create a kinetic art with complicated movement by the function “finger gravity” or “color morphing”, or by controlling rebound and friction of the small objects.

    Artistic and colorful works that “Kaleidoscope geometric Art" generates will heal you and will delight the eye.


    - Select objects from 28 forms, 18 colors and 10 sizes
    - 4 mirror frame shapes
    - Zoom and rotation of the screen
    - 4 color blend modes
    - Three independent layers with parameters about gravity, rebound, friction, etc (Objects in the same layer collide with each other, and ones in the different layer go through each other.)
    - Control the behavior of the objects for the real gravity
    - Finger gravity mode that generates the attraction or repulsion by touching the screen
    - Color morphing that gives continuous color change to the objects
    - Randomize properties of the objects
    - Undo, Redo
    - Save, Load settings
    - Save PNG images to camera roll
    - Export to iTunes
    - 20 example files
    - Tutorial movies