Learn Thai for beginner

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    + If you are travelling to Thailand or interested in learning Thai, you have to install this special app today, it also gives you the entertainment including popular, traditional, folk Thai music and videos so you can enjoy listening and watching.

    + This app has been designed to help you interact with the locals. It helps you to be understood by the locals in many situations examples food images including audio.

    “Speak Thai Language” contains over 2000 commonly used Thai phrases & vocabularies for tourists, foreigners, and beginners.

    Key features:

    *** 2000 + Commonly used Thai phrases and vocabularies are easily accessible within categories
    *** Clearly and slowly pronunciation to help you understand easily, high quality recordings from native female speaker
    *** Search for specific keywords/phrases by using English inside the app
    *** No Internet connection required. Once downloaded works offline
    *** Enjoy cool Thai music and music videos
    *** Tap on any phrases, words to hear the spoken pronunciation by sweet professional female voice
    *** Each phrase includes Thai and phonetic text translations
    *** You will not get lost during visiting Thailand, if you bring this app in your pocket
    *** No adverts or annoying pop ups


    1. Basic conversation
    2. Time, Days, Months
    3. Directions & Transport
    4. Thai Food
    5. Go shopping
    6. Colors, Body parts, Family
    7. Useful phrases, words
    8. Numbers
    9. Top Tourism Places
    10. Thai Music Videos
    11. Thai Music

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