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    Published: 2014-10-24, by .

    Let your kids' imagination run wild with a story-app they control

    • User-friendly UI and beautiful artwork
    • Easy to dip in and out of, with bookmarking
    • Suitable for reading alone or with the family
    • Loads of interactive featuires to make the story come alive
    • No narration feature

    "The Ultimate Interactive Reading App"

    Loose Strands is a witty, interactive story app for tablets which lets your kids' imagination run wild. Readers choose what clues to pursue and what to explore, as they swipe their way through the story, following strands of hair that twist across the pages.

    What's hair got to do with it? This imaginative story follows Rolland, the son of a poor family who is trapped in world where everything is made of hair from the family’s barber shop. One day, a little girl appears at his window, and together they discover the secrets inside and beyond the barber shop. A whole world of exploration and discovery is unlocked.

    This is the perfect app for readers with a short concentration span. Each time you read, the story takes a different path (with dozens of possible adventures), through a visual map that you can reference from the bookmark menu. So it's perfect to keep you engaged while reading alone, but also a great option for reading as a family.

    The artwork is gorgeous, it's only a shame there's no narration (but I guess reading aloud or letting the voices in your head jump out are what learning and imagination are all about).

    This premium version features the full novel, along with interactive features and hidden pages. A highly recommended, interactive reading app from Darned Sock Productions.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Oct 24, 2014

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