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    KNOWN ISSUE: Cannot Stream to iOS 6 device with old firmware
    Require Firmware 7.02 or newer to stream to iOS6 device

    *** Require MTV7000D/MTV7000D-MINI/MTV8000D Hardware ***
    Video Streaming from MTV7000D/MTV8000D to iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
    Discover and stream video from MTV7000D/MTV8000D in local Wi-Fi network.
    Allow user to zoom and pan streaming video.
    Allow user to change streaming quality and the name of MTV7000D/MTV8000D.
    Provide a list of recorded program with detail information for user to search or scroll through
    Allow user to rename recorded program
    Power button to put MTV7000D/MTV8000D to Standby mode
    Audio and subtitle button

    System Requirement:
    MTV7000D/MTV7000D-MINI (Firmware 6.01 or newer),(Firmware 7.02 or newer for iOS 6.0)
    iPhone, iPod Touch(iOS 5.1.1 or newer)
    iPad(iOS 5.1.1 or newer)

    Frequently asked questions:
    Why Magic TV Streaming app does not work? I can not view any TV channel!

    Magic TV Streaming app requires user to have a TV recorder, Magic TV PVR model MTV7000D in user's home. When the MTV7000D is configured properly, user can use Magic TV Streaming app to watch video playing from the user's MTV7000D hardware.

    Magic TV Streaming does NOT work if the user does NOT have the required hardware at home. The app and the MTV7000D hardware is designed to function in Hong Kong only.

    If you do not have the above setup, please do not download or use Magic TV Streaming app.

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