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    Published: 2015-09-25, by .

    Mapkin - GPS with Smart Directions adds a human touch to traffic navigation so that you never get lost on your way to a new destination, giving you helpful turn-by-turn directions as provided by other users

    • Supports lower-end devices
    • Great looking app
    • Lightweight
    • Live traffic not available for low-end devices
    • Some streets and places are labeled incorrectly

    "Get to your destination efficiently with help from other travelers"


    Becoming lost while on the road can be an embarrassing experience for some people, even more so if they’re unwilling to ask for directions like myself. Mapkin - GPS with Smart Directions aims to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently by providing accurate turn-by-turn directions powered by helpful feedback from other Mapkin users instead of generic Google or Apple Maps algorithms. Mapkin also lets you provide feedback for other users so they can also reach their destination safely.


    Mapkin feels and sounds great. It’s also incredibly lightweight and doesn’t use much of your device’s battery or space. You can always find a new place to visit even around your city. Mapkin features very helpful hints so you can always plan your trips safely. Support for lower-end devices.


    Some streets and places are labeled incorrectly. Live traffic support, unlike the more popular Waze, is unavailable for lower-end devices.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Sep 25, 2015



    Mapkin is the first GPS with crowdsourced voice guidance! Enjoy smarter directions and help drivers in your neighborhood by sharing tips about landmarks, tricky turns, and more.

    Mapkin's turn-by-turn directions get better and better thanks to drivers like you:

    – “Take a left at the light, just past the gas station.”
    – “Head over the bridge and then take your first right.”
    – “Watch out for parked cars in the right lane.”
    – “This road gets really curvy up ahead, better take it slow.”
    – “We’ll follow this for about 2 miles and then hop onto I-93 South.”

    Start driving with Mapkin today and experience a totally new type of navigation app:

    – Enhanced turn-by-turn voice guidance powered by tips from real people.
    – An active community of drivers constantly improving directions for everyone.
    – Easily share your advice and help drivers in your area.
    – A smart list view, that allows you to familiarize a route even before you drive.
    – Traffic-based smart routing with the ability to avoid tolls, highways, and ferries.
    – Simple, easy-to-use design to get going quick.
    – Personal profile to see how your tips are changing the map.

    Together we’re building the friendliest, safest, most enjoyable GPS around :)

    Mapkin is currently available in the US only.

    Note: Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life. Mapkin tries to save battery by shutting down if it’s in the background and you haven't driven for a while.

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