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    asyne - experience everything.

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    It's time to try something new.

    asyne is the platform for local experiences hosted by everyday people with unique talents or expertise and are passionate about it.

    An experience can be a class, workshop or event. With asyne, experiences are supercharged with discovery, instant bookings, cashless payments, chat and much more.

    ● Explore and book curated experiences

    Browse through our hand-picked experiences and try something new. You could be learning about making pottery, putting together a flower decoration or even go on a food crawl and then laugh your guts out (maybe not a good idea after all that food) at a comedy gig.

    ● You could be a host too!

    Earn a living doing what you love. Simply "Switch to Hosting" and submit your own experience to get started. If you are interested in hosting but not sure what you can do or need some expert help, the asyne team would love to help you create the most perfect experience so you can attract more guests. Hit us up at