Mindful Alarm Clock

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    Getting up is not easy; remembering why you wanted to get up when the alarm goes off – even harder. With Mindful Alarm you will:
    1.Wake gently to the sound of the ancient gong
    2.Listen to your own personalized pre-recorded message, reminding you of the reasons you wanted to wake early that morning
    3.Make yourself rise on time, without the option of snoozing.

    A typical morning

    When the alarm sounds, most of us hit snooze, roll back over and fall asleep. Then, after hitting snooze for an hour, we wake with a jolt. Our minds suddenly flood with all the things we wanted to do – all the things we could have already done (exercised, studied, prayed, meditated, eaten a good breakfast) – if only we'd gotten up an hour earlier! In a mad rush, we start our days unprepared, still groggy from sleep, and disappointed because we over-slept, again.

    Ditch your traditional alarm and wake up calm with Mindful Alarm

    Designed to help you get your day started peacefully and purposefully, Mindful Alarm features:
    •A built-in recording system for personalized daily alarm messages: Each evening, record a specific message to yourself. Remind yourself of the reasons you want to get up. When your alarm sounds, your message will play.

    NOTE: Your previously recorded messages are stored in your Mindful Alarm library so you can choose to record a new message or replay an old favourite each morning.

    •Ancient alarm sounds: For thousands of years, monks have risen at dawn to the sound of the gong. The gong (an Eastern percussion instrument) is said to envelop the full sound spectrum and resonate with the natural movement or vibration of our own cells, gently stimulating and stirring them awake in a kind of sound massage. Mindful Alarm's alarm sound was professionally recorded to both calm and inspire you as you wake.

    NOTE: If the idea of waking to a gong is too soothing (or too mystical) for you, we've also included an option to play a regular alarm sound – an old school twin bell alarm sound!

    •No snooze button: Listen to the gong as you wake. But it only plays for 30 seconds – and there's no snooze button! You can't choose to snooze; you have to get up.

    •Setting the time: We love great design! We've created the modern touch-screen equivalent of a vintage mechanical winding wrist-watch (the kind where you spin or twist the tiny stem on the side of the watch to move the arms and set its alarm). Mindful Alarm features a unique way to set your alarm time – you spin the clock's arms by holding and dragging them with your finger.

    Three important things to remember when setting and playing your alarm
    In the evening:

    1. Volume Turn your phone's volume to full and make sure it's not in silent mode.
    2. You can close the app, but don't lock the screen of your phone If you do lock the screen, the gong sound will play at your set time, but you'll have to 'Slide to unlock" your phone and enter your password for your personalized message to play. Overnight, leave your phone plugged in, turn off your auto-lock setting and dim your screen.
    In the morning:
    3. Playing your message: When the gong sounds, a notification message will appear on your phone saying "Mindful alarm wants you to wake". Tap directly on the notification and your personalized message will automatically play.

    NOTE: If you don't manage to tap on the message before the gong sound ends, the message will slide up to join the list of notifications on your iPhone's hidden menu. Simply pull down the top hidden menu on your iPhone and Mindful Alarm will be there under "All" as your most recent notification. Tap it and your personalized message will play (also do this to play your message if you accidentally lock your phone's screen the night before).

    Start you day meaningfully and mindfully with Mindful Alarm.