Richard Vero Commercials




    Richard Vero Commercials are an independent truck dealer with over 15 years experience in all makes and models of trucks, both new and used. Richard Vero has been involved in trucks and haulage all of his life and there is not much he doesn't know about HGVs. Providing customers with top quality trucks guaranteed.

    Exporting to Dar Es Salaam, Mombasa, Durban, Walvis Bay, Aqaba Maputo, Hamina, Alexandria, Lagos, St Petersburg and Dubai to name just a few.

    All the trucks we buy and sell are delivered by ourselves to any ports throughout the UK, we use our own low-loaders and not sub contractors. Our low-loaders cover the whole of the UK and Europe on a weekly basis.

    Our App allows you to browse all our available vehicles and connects with us through Social Media. Enable push notifications to receive latest offers and updates direct to your mobile device in real time.