Park Avenue




    Park Avenue is a leading brand dealing in male grooming products. Park Avenue is a part of the Raymond FMCG group which is among the fastest growing fast moving consumer goods companies in the country.

    Park Avenue caters to consumers in categories such as male body deodorants and body sprays, genuine french Eau-De-Parfums, body wash products, talcum powders, hair cleansing and hair styling products and shaving prep category, each of which is designed to make the uber Indian male look good and feel at the top of his game.

    Park Avenue has a product for each consumer and this app will help the user decode fragrance codes and select the right fragrance/grooming product for his regular and occasional requirement. This app is designed to make decision making easier for you to choose from each of the above mentioned categories. It is an interactive medium with choices which will finally culminate in the product that is right for the choices made by you.

    The app has multiple choices to be clicked on based on the question asked and personal preferences. The answers given will educate the app to give you a product from the Park Avenue stable, best suited for your grooming needs.

    We hope you have a great time using the app. Any feedback on the same as well as on the brand and products will be highly appreciated.